Intoarce-ti mintea catre drumul de aseara. Dar lasa o gaura sa te pot trezi cand esti prea departe plecat.

– Aseara eram aici si ma vedeam in pat, sus, dupa scartaitul obositelor de lemn.

– Ce vedeai acolo? Fiindca trebuie sa-mi dau seama daca erai aici si aveai mintea acolo, sau daca absenta momentului a facut sa vezi si sa auzi ce lipsea din prezentul in care, de fapt, nu erai.

– Simteam aceeasi adiere ca si acum, era o umbra care ma tinea strans, dar atingeam poza ei pe care o stiu in varf de perete unde soarele face mereu un semn.  Iar ea in semnul acela era dorinta sempiterna, mereu inconjurata de clocot

– Dar cu ea ai fost vara trecuta! De ce ai acele imagini? Sunt atatea luni de atunci. Ce s-a intamplat?

– Nu stiu. Am doar niste piese micute prin care inteleg cate un loc…

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Becoming Madame

I recently received an advance copy of Bronwen Hruska’s forthcoming book Accelerated. One rainy afternoon a couple of weeks ago I settled into my favorite chair to begin sifting through the pages. Three-hundred and twenty-eight pages later that evening, I laid the book on my coffee table with a heavy heart and longing for the sequel.

Hruska’s debut into the world of parental fiction brings to life the story of Sean, a single father in New York City who as the book opens has recently lost his wife to an emotional breakdown and subsequent exodus from the family and become the sole guardian of eight-year old Tobi, a little boy reminiscent of Tim Allen’s son in The Santa Clause. Tobi is a sensitive, innocent youngster and a student at The Bradley School, an über-prestigious Upper East Side academy where the exorbitant tuition is paid by his indulgent maternal…

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this is lemonade

I present to you the loony Mayor of London, Boris Johnson. I bet Mitt Romney is wondering how Boris got away with saying all that (in fact, made everyone chuckle – even those that don’t like him very much).

I just had to post this for some comic relief. The tension is mounting as the opening ceremony is approaching and it’s all getting very exciting. I’m almost ready. Need to put the food in the oven 😛

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